Selection of the Hungarian short track pool for the World Cup series is complete!
2021. november 18–21.
Debrecen Főnix Aréna

Selection of the Hungarian short track pool for the World Cup series is complete!

They will compete for the Beijing Olympic quotas

26 September 2021

It is now finally decided who will join Petra Jászapáti, Krueger John-Henry, Shaolin Sándor Liu and Shaoang Liu to represent the country as female and male short track speed skaters at the four-stage Olympic Qualification & World Cup series in autumn. Ákos Bánhidi, coach and manager of the Hungarian national team finally announced the pool after the Selection Competition during the weekend.


Another milestone is coming in autumn for the HUNSKATE family and the Hungarian short track sport: the four-stage ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup series, one weekend-competition whereof is to be held from 18 to 21 November in Debrecen, at the recently renovated Főnix Arena.

The Hungarian team with a pool of 12 athletes was finalised this weekend, after the selection competition held in the Training Ice Hall. Based on the decision of Ákos Bánhidi, coach of the federation and his staff, the country will be represented at the World Cup series in autumn by Luca Sára Bácskai (MTK), Zsófia Kónya (SZKE), Rebeka Sziliczei-Német (FTC), Maja Somodi (SZKE) and Barbara Somogyi (FTC) for women, and Péter Jászapáti (SZKE), Bence Nógrádi (FTC) and Dániel Tiborcz (MTK)  for men, who have earned with their results the opportunity to join Petra Jászapáti (SZKE), John-Henry Krueger (FTC), Shaolin Sándor Liu (FTC) and Shaoang Liu (FTC), already fixed members due to their results during the past two years.

"The selection was an overall success," said Ákos Bánhidi, coach and manager of the Hungarian national team. “It is a huge achievement that both female and male athletes brought in the current team from the junior pool, performed well and did a really great job. The stress coming from the expectations often had an effect on the outcome of individual races. There were exclusions and failures that often overturned the odds. This is how, for example, the Olympic champion in 5000 meter relay, Csaba Burján did not succeed this time, so he will not be part of the pool.”

The four-stage World Cup series is also extremely important for Hungarian short track speed skaters and their international peers, as these are the competitions where they can win quotas for the Beijing Olympics in next February.


“Certainly, the goal is to earn as many quotas as possible, yet reaching the maximum headcount would be a huge success. It is still important to point out that those who are left out of the pool now can still fight for a place in the team traveling to the Olympics. This will, of course, depend on the number of quotas to be earned at the World Cup, as well as their current shape and performance,” the federal coach added.


Let's support the success of our Hungarian athletes together! From November 18 to 21, the HUNSKATE family welcomes all fans and interested people to the third stage of the World Cup series in Debrecen, where participation is subject to compliance with the most current epidemiological regulations. Those who want to follow the events online can do so via the official Facebook page of the federation:

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